Q1: how to delete characters?

A: can't delete the role.

Q2: how to accept quest?

A: click on the head with A yellow exclamation NPC can connect to the task, click on the head with A yellow question mark NPC can deliver that task.

Q3: how to add friend?

A: click "friends", in the pop-up friend interface type in the name of the friend to be added, and then click "add friend", or just click the name of the other players choose to add friends in the pop up screen.

Q4: how to sell?

A: in the center zone of Starglade, click "inventory"to open the package interface, in its lower right corner click the "my shop", and then open the stall interface.Choose iItems for sale on the market. click stalls,  price.

Q5: how to create a party/team?

A: left click the game interface team of social - key "party", in the team interface to create A team can invite other players to A team.

Q6: new players how to quickly upgrade?

A: This is A very easy game, before level 20, you can according to the task of guiding task in order to complete A variety of interesting plot, in the process of adventure together with the night and you, your level will be improved quickly. At level 20, you will have access to the game of the group activities, participated in the activities you will be able to get a lot of experience and other virtual props reward, at the same time, entering each copy can also get a lot of experience.

Q7: in addition to upgrade, the fiend ZhanJi what fun features?

A: cute pets, gorgeous wings, cool mounts, abundant achievements, waiting for you.

Q8: What's AFK mode, how to operate?

A:It's a Automatically combat system, you can click "AFK mode"or directly click the shortcut"." Start to automatically attack the wild monster.

Q9: how to hide the other players.

A: in the upper right corner of the game screen Settings, can choose the player amount in the same screen.

Q10: how to gain experience and upgrade in the game?

A: do the task, or A variety of activities to gain experience to upgrade roles in the game, want to gain more experience rapid upgrade, can buy in the mall auxiliary items, will let you get two/three times experience!

Q11: how to join the guild?

A: click"guild", choose your favorite guild to join in, or create A new guild.

Q12: how to gain gold COINS?

A: the game's money can be gained by selling the game's material, equipment, can also be obtained through tasks and activities. (hint: delivery, escort, and plunder could get generous reward )

Q13: how to deal?

A: click on the player avatar, in the pop-up window select the transaction, waiting for the other party can be traded after confirmation.